Interesting article on subjects for which online learning “works”


New Curating Site by Harvard Innovation Lab is an independent initiative headquartered in the Harvard Innovation Lab. It is promoted as…

“the first multidisciplinary knowledge platform where you can build open communities to curate academic content within well-defined areas—ranging from philosophy, history and economics to engineering, architecture and medicine.”

It is currently in beta – but isn’t everything these days? :o) It just might be worth checking out!


Even Credible Sources are Sometimes Not Credible

Will Thalheimer provides yet another valuable resource. His 2006 blog post on the learning styles myth that “People believe 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear…” etc., illustrates that very credible sources have erroneously connected these false statistics to Dale’s Cone of Experience. A warning to us all to track down our sources! See the post at:

And note that one of the comments cites a 2002 AECTpresentation by Tony Betrus and Al Januszewski that provides more detail on what Edgar Dale did and did not say about his model, available at: