Miriam: Another Cool Tool to Consider


(This photo located via a Creative Commons Flickr search, credit: dgroup’s photostream, http://www.flickr.com/photos/dgroup/4508189985/)

What tools are available for content curation?

Scoop.It! is a great tool for social media content curation!

So what’s content curation?

Check out Beth Kantor’s blog post for a really well-done definition of content curation:


You might also want to check out one Scoop.It! site, in particular. It’s all about PLEs and is a perfect example of curation that relates to our class project:



Miriam: A nifty tool for researching & brainstorming

Spicynodes is a free tool that combines the mind-mapping capabilities of something like Inspiration (for which only the trial version is free) and the movement capabilities of Prezi (but less so, because I find that Prezi tends to make some viewers seasick – no lie!).

Try it out for your research or brainstorming and see if it works for you!


Miriam: Exploring Connectivism: The Wild West Phase


It seems to me that, as far as the “theory” or “approach” of Connectivism is concerned, we’re living in the Wild West Phase where everyone is taking a shot at conceptualizing it, defining it, fostering it, and trying it out. Here are two interesting takes on it that I just found:

Connectivism & MOOCs – Diagram of development influences:


Gretel Patch’s Periodic Table of Connectivism:


Navigating through the fog…

There is no such thing as information overload, just bad design. If something is cluttered and/or confusing, fix your design.” Edward Tufte


It’s a daunting task to navigate through the onslaught of information that comes out daily in the field of Instructional Design and Technology (IDT). This is my journey to seek valuable resources, make sense of them to further my personal, lifelong learning goals, and to share what I’ve learned. Come join me…!

I’ll start by sharing a great video on Connectivism that I found: