A Curating Site that Rivals Pinterest!

Screen shot of the Learnist social network.

Screen shot of the Learnist social network.

Just saw this post about “Learnist,” an educational social network similar to Pinterest that’s been produced by Grockit (see their featured page at http://learni.st/category/featured). It seems more organized and a search for “instructional design” on their site immediately yields great results! It is advertised as a place where you can “curate” content.  Here’s a quote and a review of Learnist that says the site was on TIME’s 2012 list of best websites:

Learnist was launched in May 2012 to encourage people to learn from and teach each other about a wide range of academic and casual learning topics. Users can curate digital and online resources into a media-rich board, called a Learn Board, to share their expert knowledge.




Interesting debate on assessment…

Donald Clark’s blog post recounts a debate concerning the banning of diplomas, degrees, etc., at the Berlin Educa conference (international conference on technology-supported learning and training). Despite being somewhat distracted by his spelling mistakes, I thought he made some good points: