Will Thalheimer’s Research-to-Practice How-to-Summarize Guide

I really appreciate Will Thalheimer’s work because he translates and applies research to help practitioners. This resource helps researchers, though, and is more-than-worth the price of downloading (i.e., it’s free!):



2 comments on “Will Thalheimer’s Research-to-Practice How-to-Summarize Guide

  1. Really like this summary guide. Though I do have one question about it, after summarizing do you just give the chart to the practitioners or create a shorter paper from the information for practitioners?

  2. I think you could do either. I think it makes sense to use this chart when you go from writing up your research (e.g., in a dissertation) to putting it into an article that others can use. I’ve read too many articles that are impossible to understand and therefore impossible to apply to practice. So from that standpoint, I think this represents a good guide for writing! :o)

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